Ladbrokes is title sponsor of the… Ladbrokes SRX Cup

Ladbrokes, an international key player in the betting sector is the title sponsor of the Ladbrokes SRX Cup.

Ladbrokes SRX Cup car Mettet

We particularly liked the idea, this entirely new concept to give virtually anyone a chance to take part in one or even two actual races as a pilot or co-pilot. And of course there were a couple of names involved that were very interesting for us: specifically Freddy Tacheny and his team at Zelos are taking a big chance by participating in this adventure and I wanted to be right there at their side with our brand,” explains Yannik Godefroid, Managing Director at Ladbrokes in Belgium.


Ladbrokes offers its customers in Belgium a wide variety of betting options for all kind of events and their sponsorship of the Ladbrokes SRX Cup allows the brand to position itself as an active supporter of Belgian motorsports.

Yannik Godefroid continues: “Our efforts here aren’t major yet, but definitely worthwhile. We have plenty of motorsports fans as our customers here in Belgium and we simply could not pass up the opportunity to get involved in this completely new event.“

The Ladbrokes SRX Cup races involve a pilot and co-pilot in each car, which offers companies a great opportunity to offer their clients a completely unique and highly attractive incentive:

We are convinced that many of our clients will love the idea – where else could you ever get the opportunity to experience an actual rally from the inside of a cockpit“, concludes Yannik Godefroid with a smile.

Ladbrokes operates around 300 betting agencies and hundreds of own betting shops in Wallonia and Flanders, ensuring a broad coverage and plenty of interest in the Ladbrokes SRX Cup.

First and foremost, we want to set ourselves apart from our competitors. That is why the kind of marketing and sponsoring projects are most interesting for us, where nobody really expects us. In the north of the country as well as in the south.

Ladbrokes plans a number of promotions for their many customers across the country.

We want people to dream, to allow them to experience something new. On the other hand, we also want our marketing promotions to have a practical purpose as well – in this case, we will work with the other SRX sponsors to convey an important message: Drive responsibly. Too many people of all ages lose their lives behind the wheel and it is important to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding. We feel that a rally is the perfect place to get this idea across, where people can for once put their foot down as much as they want and be completely safe! We’re very excited to be part of the SRX adventure!


Jerome Farinaux, Pilot für Ladbrokes

Jerome Farinaux, Pilot for Ladbrokes (car n°08)


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