Who’ll be the first-ever Ladbrokes SRX Cup champion?

WE’VE already reached the seventh and penultimate round of the Ladbrokes SRX Cup – which is, in fact, the final round of the championship, given that the November race will be a post-season endurance race – meaning the title is well and truly at stake this coming weekend at Maasmechelen.

NO FEWER than 10 SsangYong Actyon Sport pick-ups will be setting off from the grid for the final showdown in the battle for this year’s championship spot, and the favourite is unquestionably Luxembourg’s Loris Cencetti Junior (Autodis car number 7), his having already scooped up three victories this season. With a nine-point advantage over Guillaume de Ridder (Arwac/GDRX car number 5), his lowest score of the year will need to be deducted for the final count.

Third in the running for the top title, Jérôme Farinaux hopes to end the season by clinching his first victory.

Also back in contention is reporter-cum-racing driver Maxime Pasture behind the wheel of Sudpresse car number 4, and his recent performance at Germany’s Estering circuit bode well for a good round this weekend.

Patrick Hein (Media Cup Germany 2) has given us a glimpse of his great potential – sitting in fifth place in the championship standings, he is likely to plunge himself head-first into the fight for one of the top spots.

Marc Lauwers (Lauwers car number 6) is also gathering strength and showed himself to be very much at ease during the last round at the Duivelsberg circuit; we shouldn’t rule him out yet.

As is often the case, a number of rookies will also be roaring off the grid and onto the front line – as is the case with Tim Crabbé (Dealers’ Cup car number 3) as well as the drivers from Speed Magazine (TBA).

Bart Hendrickx will, once again, be in the thick of the action in his Het Laastste Nieuws car number 9.

Once again, an exhilarating and suspense-filled show is set to be served up for motorsports fans this weekend.