SRX Cup 2019

After two seasons combining sprint and endurance races, the 2019 season of the SRX Cup will for the first time be composed of 100% endurance races. With a duration of 3 hours, these endurances will undoubtedly be intensive and it will be necessary to be strategic to hope to pass first the finish line. Each team can have up to 4 different drivers. As for the number of co-drivers, it’s up to you!


The cost of participation for the complete season is 8,000 euros excluding VAT.

  • € 4.000 – 15 September ’19 Arendonk
  • € 4.000 – 30 November ’19 Mettet


The car – the technical control – maintenance – tires – petrol – on-site organization – the circuit rental – the complete FIA equipment – on-board camera – trophy – management of the competition – photographer on the spot – aftermovie


The insurance (franchise up to 3,000 €) – Catering
It is possible to provide catering or order a foodtruck on each race.

If you are interested, please send an email to for more information.



Each car can be branded with stickers of your choice. The 10 cars are mechanically identical and have the same power.


#1 – 15 September ’19 – Glossocircuit – Arendonk
#2 – 30 November ’19 – Jules Tacheny Circuit – Mettet



THE 1 VS 1

Beside these 90-minute endurance, the SRX Cup will also make the Arendonk circuit for a 1-on-1 race. All drivers entered will ride all day in 1-on-1. If you win your race, you’ll climb into the ranking and you will have more chance to find yourself in the final. The top 3 of the day will face one last time in the final to determine their place on the podium.
Driving time: 2.5 hours

Endurance Race – Mettet

Each circuit will be privatized during the various rounds of the SRX Cup. This facilitates the organization and allows to drive in a relaxed atmosphere. All day is dominated by the SRX Cup and visitors do not have to pay for entry. Everyone can come and enjoy the show for free and even become a co-pilot for a day.

The morning begins with half an hour of free practice. During this session, all pilots can discover the circuit. After the free practice, there are two qualifications. The fastest qualification of both is taken into account for the start grid of the race. During the endurance race, each driver must make 5 pit stops of 5 minutes. The pilot and co-pilot then exchange their place. The team that has completed the most laps after 90 minutes wins the race!

Driving time: 3 hours 15minutes



Guillaume De Ridder: Renault WRX driver and 2nd in the RX2 world championship

“The SRX Cup is unique because it offers the opportunity to embark a co-driver in the heart of a rallycross race and thus to make its guests live an exclusive moment, mixing adrenaline, sensations and pleasure. The Ssangyong Actyon Sport Cup is a relatively atypical race car that is playful and fun to ride! ”


Bert Longin: FIA GT driver

“I had never done a rallycross race before and had to get used to the first few laps. But then, I understood how to drive the car and certainly on the dirt. I quickly got into the rhythm (…) But it’s really very fun, really. ”


Enzo Scifo: former Red Devil and co-pilot for one day

“I felt a lot of thrills aboard this pickup. In the cockpit it’s quite impressive, especially when the driver has 100% control of the steering wheel. ”