A first in the world of motorsports, the SRX is intended to be as accessible as possible so as to give everyone access to motorsports. For a low registration fee, teams may hire up to three drivers per meet, as well as taking advantage of every session to have the co-drivers for the day get a taste of the formula races from inside the vehicles. This is an amazing opportunity in circuit racing and will enable as many people as possible to take advantage of the many sessions making up the race days.

The championship is based on the points accumulated by the car during the different races, regardless of the driver. The possibilities are many and may, for example, allow the spreading of the season cost between several enthusiasts sharing the driving role, or for a company to invite several partners and/or staff. Each team is free to do as it pleases. On a race weekend, it is possible to have up to three people doing the driving per car and to have many passengers aboard!


Everything has been designed to simplify the experience as much as possible. The only rules for participation: be at least 16 years old and have an RACB license. This license is compulsory for both drivers and co-drivers. The annual license can be purchased for €85 while the one-day license costs €60.